Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warm Springs

Warm Springs

A biopic about FDR and his recovery from polio. Originally an HBO movie, now available on DVD. Starring Kenneth Branagh, who does a reasonably good Roosevelt. Compared to photos of FDR when he was younger, there is some resemblance. Cynthia Nixon (and a whopping set of false teeth) stars as Eleanor Roosevelt. She's pretty wooden in most of her. But even though in general the film is only ok, not great, the devolicious quotient is high. They even used CGI to make Branagh's legs look all skinny, and you see it a LOT. Devo Girl was pleased. There are some other hunky patients too. The film was shot on location in the actual cottage and pool at the Warm Springs resort, and they even used the actual motorcar with hand controls that FDR used. There is a short documentary on the DVD as well, although Devo Girl feels a little strange experiencing feelings of lust for a former president.

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  1. I just rewatched it and saw Teal Sherer in the background. She is an actress who is also a paraplegic in real life.