Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Morning Side of Dawn

The Morning Side of Dawn by Justine Davis. 

Yet another cheesy modern-day romance, but one that’s a bit better than average. Dar is a double amputee who occasionally uses prosthetics but prefers wheelchairs he designs himself. And he's an athlete too! Very sexy. The story is pretty good. The perfectly gorgeous supermodel heroine, Cassie, is kind of annoying, but Dar is an interesting character. It’s rare to find a double amputee male character in a romance novel, mainly because there is no possibility of a magical cure, so this book gets props for handling the issue head-on.

This book was a PD book club selection in February 2011:


  1. The Morning Side of Dawn is the third in a trilogy which starts with "Stevie's Chase", which has a scarred male lead character, Chase Cameron, who is on the run after testifying against a criminal organization, and a female lead named Stevie Holt, whose brother is a left above knee amputee.

    "Left at the Altar" is the the story of her brother, Sean, who was left at the altar by his fiancee, Rory, several years earlier because of his amputation and what happens when they reconnect. I read somewhere that the author decided to give Sean his own story after positive feedback from so many readers of "Stevie's Chase" wanting to know more about Sean.

    And then, of course, we have "The Morning Side of Dawn", revolving around Sean's best friend, Dar Cordell, and Chase's sister, Cassie Cameron. All three of these books are worth reading, and it makes the most sense when read in the order in which they were written.

  2. I LOVED Morning Side of Dawn. Of course it's a little bit cheesey- it's a romance novel. I haven't read many romances that didn't make me want to scream but this is a good one for amputee devs. I didn't know about Left at the Altar so thank you Devushka.