Thursday, August 18, 2011

Precious Things

Precious Things [Kindle Edition] Gail R. Delaney

Jewell starts a new job and falls for the boss.  A simple story, simply written.  The forward is interesting as the author stated at the beginning that when she originally went to show the story to publishers they didn't think anyone would buy a romance novel where the lead character was deaf.  And that is pretty much the only reason I purchased this book.

The dev factor appears in spades.  The deaf character, Benjamin, is a highly successful trust fund manager.  He is ambitious, fiery, gives not quarter to his deafness but as Jewell slips into his life, you get a feel that he has been isolated and having someone who can sign proficiently and connect with him on several levels, he realises just how isolated he was. 

I love that there is references to how he has to direct her to look up so he can lip read and that during passionate episodes the writer states his eyes relucantly have to focus on her mouth.  Also is several places they use sign language to comunicate confidentially or he will sign very subtly to her with his hand down by his side so the other person in the room doesn't realise.

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