Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Man Like Mac

A Man Like Mac by Fay Robinson

John Patrick "Mac" McCandless is a athletic coach in his late thirties whose life was changed six years earlier when he received a bullet in the spine, rendering him a paraplegic. Keely Wilson is a former Olympic runner whose life was similarly changed when she was hit by a car, causing permanent damage to her legs and lungs. Mac had been Keely's coach eleven years earlier, back when she was just high school jailbait, and now she approaches him once again to help her train to return to the Olympics. Although well written for a junky romance novel, this novel is riddled with slightly irritating inconsistencies, including the nature of Keely and Mac's history eleven years earlier, but I tried not to let that bother me. The book hits all the major devo chords: Mac makes up for his insecurities in the bedroom by mastering the art of cunnilingus, Keely gives him a very accessible bath, and some other surprises I won't give away. Keely is only mildly irritating and Mac is nice enough to leave you sighing that there ought to be "a man like Mac." The book gets a solid three stars, but falls short of four because I hate these fucking romance novels.

"I should be proud of being called the Mouth by women who are only interested in me for oral sex?" --Mac McCandless (He's right... "Mr. Pussy" would be a much better name.)

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