Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adam's Fall

Adam's Fall by Sandra Brown

I read this book a number of years ago, but I remember it well enough to say it wasn't all that great. I'll use amazon's description to help me in my review. The premise is somewhat ridiculous: the fabulously rich and handsome Adam Cavanaugh is paralyzed while mountain-climbing (thus the clever title "Adam's Fall") and only the fabulously "beautiful and determined" physical therapist Lilah Mason can help him to walk again. Why are the beautiful ones always so determined? Although Adam is a difficult patient who "challenges her methods and authority at every turn", Lilah is a "physical therapist with an unsinkable spirit and unwavering compassion" and will not give up on Adam, despite his somewhat baffling refusal to engage in physical therapy. For some reason, Adam won't do PT unless he's absolutely guaranteed he'll walk again. Why? I don't get it. It seems almost as if this is just a really contrived plot device. I don't want to give away whether Adam and Lilah eventually get it on, but according to the amazon summary, "Lilah's professional duty and her passionate yearnings clash." I hate it when my professional duties and passionate yearnings clash... that's the worst. From page one you know Adam's going to walk again, and the worst thing about this book is that this is the only way there can be a happy ending. Kind of a shitty message.

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