Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crippled Masters

Crippled Masters  
Hong Kong  

This is a low-budget Hong Kong kung fu movie, so consider yourself warned. But don’t let the terrible dubbing, the utter lack of any plot, the low production values and the chop-socky sound effects deter you: this is the REAL DEAL. The two main characters really are disabled; there is no ES involved. Also, although the movie would have us believe otherwise, they were clearly born with their disabilities. One man is a DAE amputee--see him water the fields and tend the farm with his feet! The other cannot use his legs (perhaps polio?)--see him walk on his hands! For various silly reasons, they are forced to learn kung fu and become an invincible fighting team. Their dexterity and skill are truly a wonder to behold, made all the more amazing by the knowledge that these are real people.

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