Sunday, November 23, 2014

Diving In

Diving In (Open Door Love Story, #2)
Diving In

By Stacey Wallace Benefiel


Contemporary romance.  Brynn Garrett finds it hard to fit in anywhere.  She tends to opt for the road with speed humps and pot holes.  Trying to avoid a party she decides to hang out on its fringes and see something that effects her deeply and never really gets over.  

While all her school colleagues head off to new adventurous lives at college, Brynn decides to learn the ropes of her family's dry cleaning business.  Her life is lonely and insular until a mishap befalls Gabe Riley's mother's table cloth and a wonderful relationship develops.

I loved this book.  It is a quick read for starters.  The comedy factor is very fresh and nothing is off limits in this regard.  The characters are fully formed and very likeable.  There are a few issues that are revealed which make you think and challenge yourself as to "what would I do?"

I found it highly devy, the level of his injury isn't mentioned but his hands are affected so I would assume that he is a low level quadriplegic.  The author isn't squeamish to go into the details.  Gabe is fantastic and realistic not a depressed character but also not a Pollyanna.  There isn't much sex in the book.  But there is a wonderful build up which has you biting your duvet cover in frustration.

It is one of those books you just wish you could wipe your memory and re-read a fresh again and again.  It is a crime that it has been sitting on my Kindle untouched for so long.  This book isn't going to solve world peace but it sure as heck will entertain you for a few nights.