Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twin Falls Idaho

Twin Falls Idaho  

An independent film about conjoined twins, which is not a typical disability, but this movie gave Devo Girl that tingly devotee thrill. Plus it’s really excellent as a movie. Mark and Michael Polish, who are twins in real life (the normal kind, not joined, but the illusion in the film is so good you start to wonder) wrote, directed and starred as Francis and Blake Falls. Francis and Blake are joined at the chest, but have retired from their job as sideshow freak due to illness. They meet up with Penny (Michelle Hicks) the cliched hooker with a heart of gold, and she falls in love with Francis, which causes problems for Blake. Devo Girl wants to know, why couldn’t she just love them both? But then we wouldn’t have a movie. The plot is not so important as the visual images of Francis and Blake and how they negotiate every day life and try, unsuccessfully, to fit in. It’s very touching, and covers a lot of the same emotional territory as other disabilities.

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