Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bliss (Season 2)

Bliss (Season 2) 2003

This was a soft-core erotica series for women on the Oxygen Network. Each episode is a 30 minute short story. One of the stories in season 2 is about an older woman who seduces her blind piano tuner.

I am all for erotica by and for women, but surely we can do better than this? The production values are painfully low, the plots and dialog are bare-bones, and the actors are stilted and unattractive. It's just like porn for men, only the camera never strays below the waistline.

I was particularly interested in the story about the woman who seduces her blind piano tuner. He was actually pretty good looking, but terrible at playing blind, not convincing at all. The woman was older and not attractive. I believe older women can be sexy on film, but at least give her something better to wear than foundational undergarments. It was a good premise, mildly entertaining, but overall not very well executed.

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