Monday, June 25, 2012

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark

by Spiral Razor


Supernatural Western with a blind hero. This is the first in a planned series, self-published by a dev author. For those of you who love a blind hero, this is for you. Killian McBride is a supernaturally enhanced vigilante, dispensing justice in the Old West with his two swords, and oh so sexy. He's also fleeing a tortured past, but no spoilers. Jesse is great as his mechanically inclined, sarcastic sidekick. The dynamic between the two of them drives the best scenes.

So much of Killian's past, and his abilities, are surprises as the story goes along, it feels wrong to get into too much detail. His blindness and his fighting skills have a supernatural element, but it's all handled believably, and there is no miracle cure, thank goodness. Even better, his abilities don't give him magical sight--when he's not fighting, he's just a regular blind guy. There are lots of great devvy moments.

Be warned, though, it's not a love story, and it is the beginning of a series, so the ending is not that conclusive.  But it's great fun, especially if you're a Daredevil fan.

ETA: Ruth Madison reviewed this on her blog, and she loves it too! 


  1. The ending isn't super non-conclusive either, though! They fight a big bad. I felt like it was very satisfying, while I still look forward to more :)

  2. There's now an interview with the author up at