Saturday, October 1, 2011

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

by Mathilde Madden


Hot erotica about a devotee and the para she falls for. Have I mentioned this is hot? Hot Hot Hot.

Mary is a devotee, and she's also into SM in a big way. When she literally crosses paths with David, a recently injured paraplegic, she can't pass up the chance to flirt with him. Thus begins an epic journey of sexual discovery for both of them. For David, not only to learn to be confident about his sexuality despite his disability, but also accepting his masochistic tendencies. For Mary, learning to accept her deviant desires, and manage emotional as well as physical intimacy. Although the author takes some liberties with the realities of spinal cord injury and sex (ie, that David can get an erection and have an orgasm), but other than that, this is a very realistic and satisfying story. Mary and David are both original and well-drawn characters. The description of the devotee mentality is pretty accurate, and refreshingly sex-positive. The SM is also spot-on in the depiction of how and why the characters do it. The writing style is snappy and breezy, fun to read. Highly recommended!

This was a book club selection, and lots of us enjoyed it, even those who are not into SM:

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  1. I really enjoyed this one! And it's funny because I usually don't like very detailed descriptions of sex. I find it gross rather than hot. Not so in this book. The writing really shone. It was so beautiful that I was feeling the story rather than reading it, in a way.