Saturday, October 1, 2011



by Courtney Henke


Although this book featured a fairly believable blind hero, I just couldn't get into it. The writing is amateurish, the plot is silly and slight, and the heroine is extremely annoying. Max runs a multi-million-dollar perfume company. Emma has a secret recipe for the best perfume in the world, but she needs to sell him on the idea immediately to raise cash for reasons that turn out to be fairly boring. Her antics to get his attention are completely psycho and borderline criminal. In the real world, Max would call the police and have her tossed in jail. But in the fantasy world of rom-coms, this is considered "meet cute." Like in a lot of bad romances, the author spends a lot of time building up a suspenseful plot that is utterly ridiculous and improbably, only to drop it completely once the romance heats up. Max is mildly appealing, but overall the book is eminently forgettable.

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