Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quid Pro Quo


Quid Pro Quo tells the story of a paraplegic radio reporter Isaac Knot (Nick Stahl) who receives a tip about a local group of wannabes and pretenders.  He discovers that the tipster is a woman named Fiona (Vera Farmiga), who, with Isaac’s accompaniment, finally realizes her dream of being a wheelchair pretender. 

Isaac is a sexy wheeler and you likely won’t be disappointed by the sight of him wheeling around the city, and the character earns our sympathy when he gets stood up on a blind date by a woman who didn’t realize she was being set up with a disabled man.  Unfortunately, Fiona’s portrayal of a pretender didn’t seem entirely realistic to me, but at least the movie didn’t make pretenders seem evil… just hopelessly kooky. 

The movie could have been a solid dev film, but a ridiculous ending involving “magic shoes” ruined it.  But it still deserves three stars for the very appealing image of Isaac in a wheelchair.


  1. Perhaps I will watch it with the sound off! (and skip the end)

  2. I'd forgotten about this movie, so thanks for the review!

    I laughed out loud at the magic shoes, but I really enjoyed most of this movie. I didn't even mind the portrayal of Fiona. It was the first movie I've seen to have the pretender aspect, so perhaps I was willing to overlook some of her weirdness.

    Overall I'd recommend this movie for an already planned night in.

  3. I just watched this movie the other night on Netflix. I really enjoyed it overall, even if they did disparage against devs and go for the "cure" theme with the magic shoes. I honestly didn't see the wannabe/pretender with Fiona being so negative so much as she was just crazy. In other words, that was just her personality.

    And I definitely like the way they tried to portray a fairly realistic "everyday as a para" experience, like the way he can never get a cab to stop for him. I would definitely recommend it. I love the way they included the sounds of his wheelchair when he's rolling around, too.