Friday, September 16, 2011

Daredevil's Run

Daredevil's Run by Kathleen Creighton


This is, to date, the best romance genre novel that I have read.

The action was believable, but exciting. It was paced well and the entire book took place over just a few days. I loved the way the author described each moment and movement of the characters. It drew me right into the story. There was a subtle suspense plot running under the surface and it provided just enough extra tension to really enhance the love story.

It is the story of former partners and lovers who have not seen each other for five years, not since Matt was paralyzed in a freak climbing accident. Alex (the girl, most of the girls in this book have boy names) tried to stick by him at the time, but he wasn't able to deal. His brother convinces him to go back and try to make up for it, but someone else has another agenda.

Impressively, this is the most believable portrayal of paraplegia I have ever seen in a romance novel. I found Matt very real and thought the descriptions of how he moved were accurate and well written. I also completely bought it when he performed some amazing, daring rescues!

My complaints are minor. This, as seems to be a tradition with romance novels, is part of a series of related stories. It's clear there was a previous book about Matt's brother Cory and his wife. I haven't read that one and it was not necessary to enjoy this book, but there were a lot of references to things that must have happened in the other.

Two minor points about the SCI. It was strange to me that Matt was driving a van with a wheelchair lift. I've never known a t-10 para to waste time with a slow lift, not to mention the expense, all the guys I know drive a regular car. Second, there's a line: "flexed his hands in the leather gloves all people in wheelchairs wore to protect..." I don't know of a single thing that ALL people in wheelchairs do. Certainly not gloves. Some do and some don't wear them.

The devo factor was high for me. Matt's movement was described, he was an appealing man and not a jerk, and the love-making scene at the end was not glossed over with a simple "he's a low level injury, so everything is okay."

Highly recommended.


  1. I don't know any para males who wear gloves, they don't mind the callouses, while women do. So I would say, "Matt flexed his rough calloused hands, strong enough to stop his own body weight on a steep incline; taking on the steel framed rims friction with artistic precision of weaving and slowing."

  2. I know! I feel like they were popular for a time and now are kind-of out of fashion. I know one guy who used them, but he was older than me. Very few of the guys I know use them. They show off their toughness with their calloused hands.

    But that's a very minor issue with an overall really good book! I wouldn't avoid it for that. :)

  3. (Oh, and I love your replacement sentence. Gorgeous!)