Monday, July 16, 2012

Lovers Lame

Lovers Lame by Robert Rudney

Dev Rating: 1.5 *

Though the main character is a man with a mobility disability, I didn't find this book to be very devvy.

I know it seems strange to say a book was too realistic, but that was kind of how I felt about this one. It was like watching a neighbor. And I just wanted something a bit more interesting, more of something to get into.

The struggle for people with disabilities to find jobs is certainly a really important issue, but the protagonist of this book didn't seem like the kind of person who was able to make me care about it. He was more passive than I tend to like my heroes, I think.

There's some issues with more telling than showing of the story, particularly in the beginning. It takes a couple of chapters before any sort of story begins.

The feel of the book is very memoir-like, though it is fiction.

To learn more about it, I do have an interview with the author at my website:

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