Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In a Soldier's Arms

In a Soldier's Arms (Harlequin American Romance)

By Marin Thomas


Is book is okay but I felt a bit cheated at the focus of the story didn't feel like it was on the romance but rather that was incidental.

It is about a nurse whose mother died and her estranged grandmother writes to her to say she has some of her effects. We then follow Maggie's journey of discover her roots which her mother had told her very little about. So there is her relationship with her gran, her Gran's neighbours, her Gran's patients, the clan and them her relationship with the hero of the piece, who is suffering from PTSS and has lost his leg in battle.

He is far more interesting than the Maggie's character but I felt that he was kept at a distance through the story. Also it ended too suddenly for me. I like the romance books that have a final chapter where the romance issues have been resolved and we get an insight as to how they will be together.

The sex scenes were okay but not to many of them because they weren't together enough. They were explicit but in a poetic way.

It was a good read but just didn't hit the spot. We needed more Abram and less Maggie.

Abram is very insecure about his injury and it does border on annoying and doesn't ring true as he is so self possessed in all areas in his life except for his body image.

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